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Purpose After Polman: How the Poster Child for Purpose Paved the Way for Future Leadership

http://www.sustainablebrands.com/news_and_views/leadership/aaron_pickering/purpose_after_polman_how_poster_child_purpose_paved_way_fu   Last month, when news broke that Unilever would begin the search for Paul Polman’s successor, it sent shockwaves through the business world. As the poster child for Purpose in business, what would this mean for the future of businesses that aim to grow … Continue reading

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What this World Needs By Margaret Wheatley

  This world does not need more entrepreneurs. This world does not need more technology breakthroughs. This world needs leaders. We need leaders who put service over self, who can be steadfast through crises and failures, who want to stay … Continue reading

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Changing on the Job Developing Leaders for a Complex World by Jennifer Garvey Berger

Book Review in the Harvard Educational Review Developing professionals, especially leaders, who can understand and effectively navigate the complexities of twenty-first-century organizational life—a central aim of many adult educators, school administrators, professional coachevars, and organizational consultants—is a daunting and critical … Continue reading

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MITx u.lab: Education As Activating Social Fields

Being a part of this Mitx U.Lab experience opened fields of possibilities for me. Thank you Otto Scharmer et al.   Otto Scharmer Senior Lecturer, MIT; Co-founder, Presencing Institute  Until last year, the number of students in my classes at MIT … Continue reading

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Leading change: First in the subtle, then in the world.

by ancaspari If you want to lead change – personal, organizational or societal – you have to know intimately how change works. This includes experiential clarity in knowing how to overcome – and help overcome – resistance towards change. It … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Proposes To Boost Worker-Ownership Of Companies

August 17, 2015 Dave Johnson Businesses are run for a profit that goes into the pockets of the business’ “investors.” To be an investor requires that you have money. This is a rigged system that by definition channels the returns … Continue reading

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Flourishing inTolerance by John Scherer

As those who work with evolutionary development tag inclusion as the basic capacity promoting growth, blogs such as John Scherer’s here take on greater import.  cgb Posted on 01.24.15 http://scherercenter.com/uncategorized/flourishing-intolerance/ Several things prompted me to write this piece: An extraordinary client … Continue reading

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Leading with an Integral Consciousness Emerging from the Future

 Stefan Peter Goetz: an excerpt from his book   Tools of change If we want to lead with a 7.0 consciousness emerging from the future, then the time is now. With essence and candor for the highest potential of organizations, employees, … Continue reading

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5 Conditions for Sifting Social Fields by Otto Scharmer

(note:  photos were removed; graphics were retained) Last week at MIT I hosted a group of leaders and change makers from Indonesia. With its 17,000 islands and 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the third largest democracy and the biggest Muslim … Continue reading

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Well-treated employees give more of themselves of the business.

OPINION Doug Rauch: Profit begins with people http://www.ocregister.com/articles/culture-602805-conscious-people.html? utm_source=CC+2014+News+3.7.14&utm_campaign=Culture&utm_medium=email Published: Feb. 21, 2014 Updated: 2:33 p.m. Many consider culture to be soft, squishy and, hence, a secondary concern for business leaders. In reality, culture is probably the most powerful contributor … Continue reading

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