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Leading with an Integral Consciousness Emerging from the Future

 Stefan Peter Goetz: an excerpt from his book   Tools of change If we want to lead with a 7.0 consciousness emerging from the future, then the time is now. With essence and candor for the highest potential of organizations, employees, … Continue reading

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5 Conditions for Sifting Social Fields by Otto Scharmer

(note:  photos were removed; graphics were retained) Last week at MIT I hosted a group of leaders and change makers from Indonesia. With its 17,000 islands and 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the third largest democracy and the biggest Muslim … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Save Jobs: Employee Stock Ownership Plans

ESOPs give employees part ownership of their companies and prevent major job losses when owners retire. But only two states support them. BY MARK FUNKHOUSER JUNE 2014 Do you recall the single word of advice for achieving prosperity that Dustin Hoffman … Continue reading

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What Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 10:01By Gar Alperovitz and Keane Bhatt, Truthout | Op-Ed http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/18908-what-then-can-i-do-ten-steps-toward-transforming-the-system The richest 400 Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 180 million taken together. The political system is in deadlock. Social and economic pain continue … Continue reading

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Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Surprises Are the New Normal; Resilience Is the New Skill

The difference between winners and losers is how they handle losing. That’s a key finding from my ongoing research on great companies and effective leaders: no one can completely avoid troubles and potential pitfalls are everywhere, so the real skill … Continue reading

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Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability

A new book offered by Greenleaf Publishing– John R. Ehrenfeld and Andrew J. Hoffman —   May 2013   151+xii pp   216 x 138 —   paperback   ISBN 978-1-906093-93-8 A new  story, driven by being and caring, as opposed to having and needing, rooted in  the beauty of … Continue reading

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Business as an Agent of World Benefit: A World-Shaping Opportunity

Michele Hunt,  Huntington Post  11/08/12 “Imagine a world of nine billion people with clean water, quality food, affordable housing and education, top-tier medical care, ubiquitous clean energy, dignified opportunity, thriving economies, and global peace and security.” Do we have the … Continue reading

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