New Systems of Governance Emerging

The deToqueville hypothesis that “democracy eventually prevails in all spheres of human activity” was at one time considered to be not only unquestionably true but the ‘gold ring’ or pinnacle of human endeavor. In this century, even as it appears that democracy in its present form in the US cannot address the growing nature and numbers of complex issues, new systems of governance are evolving. Organizations are deliberately pushing their edges and leveraging shifts toward more generative ‘systems of governance’ that broaden the constructs of inclusivity, deeper unity of purpose, imagination, engagement, participation politically and economically within foundations of respect, care and well-being for their own constituencies and the broader context. The models evolving to construct new social realities and to increase organizational capacity move well beyond the political as distribution of power into the relational, economic and higher order realms. As organizations develop their own meaningful intentionally constructed reality, transformational effects can be seen in the expanding capacities to apply imaginative intelligence for and by collaboration, deep connection, consensus, and engagement with higher order meaning and values.

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2 Responses to New Systems of Governance Emerging

  1. Davina says:

    you know how to take the attention of the readers with such good ideas.

    • Manakh says:

      Hey Aaron, I’m referring to the people in the organization that are already responsible for day to day interaction with clients and/or citizens (e.g. the best example is Dell training 9000 of its customer service staff in monitoring and engagement). Ideally, they should be the ones trained in engaging on the official accounts of the organization on a daily basis (not the best use of content expert time necessarily). In certain organizations (especially smaller ones) that job is undertaken by the content experts simply due to resource constraints. That being said, whoever is responsible for the official account engagement should be empowered to quickly reach the appropriate experts should they have to. Also, the content experts are likely to be participating and building their own personal brands concurrently. The two responsibility areas are not mutually exclusive. Finally, everyone who by nature is proactive and passionate about their field should at the very least be monitoring their community/industry.

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