An Inside Story for Building a Future Where All Can Thrive

Cecile G. Betit

Independent researcher, USA

This short essay suggests the importance of reflective/contemplative practices (discourse,

journaling, meditation, mindfulness, inquiry, walking, etc.) for developing the

inner life with its capacities for knowing, values, compass, multiple intelligences,

consciousness, wisdom and imagination. These are seen as essential building blocks

for shifts in consciousness toward compassion, empathy, unity and aware concern

for larger social realities as well as a complement for the more familiar areas of human

competence needed for large-scale, whole system initiatives. Deliberate encouragement

for development with implementation of reflective/contemplative practices and

the interior life from early childhood to death may offer an essential component for

building a future where all can thrive.

See full article in the The Journal of Corporate Citizenship Issue 62 June 2016


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