Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability

A new book offered by Greenleaf Publishing–
John R. Ehrenfeld and Andrew J. Hoffman —   May 2013   151+xii pp   216 x 138 —   paperback   ISBN 978-1-906093-93-8

A new  story, driven by being and caring, as opposed to having and needing, rooted in  the beauty of complexity and arguing for a transformative  cultural shift.

“…    unexpectedly deep and moving conversations about where we can go, and where we   must go, both as individuals and as a planet.” Bill McKibben

This astonishing book invites you into a conversation between a teacher, John  R. Ehrenfeld, and his former student now professor, Andrew J. Hoffman, as they  discuss how to create a sustainable world. Unlike virtually all other books  about sustainability, this one goes beyond the typical stories that we tell  ourselves about repairing the environmental damages of human progress.

Through their dialogue and essays that open each section, the authors uncover  two core facets of our culture that drive the unsustainable, unsatisfying, and  unfair social and economic machines that dominate our lives. First, our  collective model of the way the world works cannot cope with the inherent  complexity of today’s highly connected, high-speed reality. Second, our  understanding of human behavior is rooted in this outdated model. Driven by the  old guard, sustainability has become little more than a fashionable idea. As a  result, both business and government are following the wrong path – at best  applying temporary, less unsustainable solutions that will fail to leave future  generations in better shape.

To shift the pendulum, this book tells a new story, driven by being and  caring, as opposed to having and needing, rooted in the beauty of complexity and  arguing for the transformative cultural shift that we can make based on our  collective wisdom and lived experiences. Then, the authors sketch out the road  to a flourishing future, a change in our consumption and a new approach to  understanding and acting.

There is no middle ground; without serious change at the most basic level, we  will continue to head down a false path. Indeed, this book is a clarion call to  action. Candid and insightful, it leaves readers with cautious  hope.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

I. CLARIFYING THE ISSUE 2. Sustainability Means Nothing Without an End in  Sight 3. The Myths of Our Modern Culture 4. The Wrong-Headed Solutions of  Corporate Sustainability 5. More Is Not Better

II. LIVING WITH A DIFFERENT STORY 6. Reexamining What It Means to Be  Human 7. Returning to Our Place in the Whole

III. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 8. Reasons to Be Hopeful

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