Co-Creation–an Evolutionary Impulse

Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart wrote The Power of Co-creation: Build It With Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits published by Simon & Schuster, Free Press, in October 2010.

“Co-creation is about engaging people to create more value together. It involves redesigning interactions through the experiences of individuals. Through co-creation, organizations can unleash the creative energy of people — especially employees and internal stakeholders, but also customers, suppliers, and related external stakeholders and communities — to create mutual value.

The net result is transformative; engaged individuals and a powerful, co-creative enterprise.

As individuals, people experience something new with co-creation, an awakening of sorts, and this leads to an experience that many simply do not want to end. It is this latter part — the quest for continual engagement — that explains why individuals who have experienced co-creation become nearly evangelical about it.

Building from the powerful engagement of individuals, organizations find that the mobilization of groups of people around key sets of interactions is also inherently transformational. The outcome is dramatically lower risk and cost, combined with the reigniting of growth and increased capacity for innovation.

The Power of Co-Creation: Build It With Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits (Simon & Schuster, Free Press, October 2010) demonstrates to managers how the co-creation of value is the next business paradigm for all enterprises in the 21st century, and how the next generation of organizations entails building capabilities for a co-creative enterprise.

The book provides an accessible framework useful to managers at every level of an organization through a case-study rich overview of the ways that leading organizations are using “engagement platforms” to generate results in marketing, sales, R&D, product development, and management by co-creating both inside and outside the firm.”

See There is a link for an excerpt of Chapter 1, “Becoming a Co-Creative Enterprise.”

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