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Swerving by Nora Bateson

DECEMBER 19, 2018 The work of the coming decades is not the work of manufacturing, of software development, or of retail seduction, it is the work of caring. Caring for each other and the biosphere. In that care there is … Continue reading

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The Problem with Simplicity by Miguel Clark Mallet (@Mar_de_Palabras), Columnist

I stand at the sink, hold the shaver against my lathered cheek, and move my hand downward. A trio of blades glide across my face leaving a path of smooth skin in their wake. I swish the razor in a … Continue reading

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e3 (eCubed) = Everyone Everywhere Everyday by Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Almost every form of wellbeing measured today finds success for some people in some places some of the time.  Income, happiness, health.  Some have it, some of the time, and most do not, most of the time. In all of our … Continue reading

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Reading Agreements Evidence Map

Jim Ritchie Dunham What we want to see Our daily experiences, outcomes, and the impact resilience of our efforts are deeply influenced by a set of deep, underlying agreements that we rarely see and usually accept unconsciously—a vast array of … Continue reading

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2 Reasons Why We Tend to Choose Separation and Outcomes Now, When We Prefer Uniting and Greater Overall Value

James Ritchie Dunham December 26, 2016 We tend to choose to be with people who think and look like us.  We also tend to choose outcomes that benefit us now.  These tendencies lead us to focus on activities that separate us … Continue reading

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