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Jobs as “Red Sky,” Wozniak as “Blue Earth” By Dr. Karl Albrecht

The “Steve Jobs as genius” narrative has a lot going for it: simplicity, drama, mystery, irony, and cult of personality. But, while we’re indulging in our post-mortem adoration of this semi-tragic hero, let’s pause to ask: what might Apple—and Steve … Continue reading

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From Me to We

From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, your Organization, and your Life Bob Doppelt reveals that most people today live a dream world, controlled by false perceptions and beliefs. The most deeply held illusion … Continue reading


The Future Is Already Here Marvin Weisbord

The Future Is Already Here by adminmarvinblog on Dec 22, 2011 • 2:00 pm The Future Is Already Here Do you know Frederick Taylor? He was born in 1856, four years before the Civil War and died in 1915, a … Continue reading


Mandela–an Evolved Perspective

An interesting perspective concerning one whom many of us think as evolved: Tom Peters posted this on 08/16 | Permalink A Book Worthy of Your Time & Attention Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage, by Richard … Continue reading


Joseph George on John Scherer’s Five Questions

The following was posted on the 14th July 2011 by Joseph George at I recently wrote a blog on implications of designing for organizational effectiveness. It was a nascent attempt to know how readers may take to the … Continue reading


A new beginning

With the blog in working order once again, all seems ripe to begin anew to explore evolutionary development as seen, thought about and aspired to in everyday life. How these thoughts will unfold here remains to be seen as this … Continue reading

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New Systems of Governance Emerging

The deToqueville hypothesis that “democracy eventually prevails in all spheres of human activity” was at one time considered to be not only unquestionably true but the ‘gold ring’ or pinnacle of human endeavor. In this century, even as it appears … Continue reading


Convert Acceleration, Angle and Area Units

  Equation (4.8) is Euler’s equation for motion of a fluid. It is a helpful equation in every unit of the conversion process. To convert acceleration, angle or area units, you may not to utilize the Euler’s equation one day. … Continue reading

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Modoo Marble تتنافس فى خطف اللاعبين من WOLFTEAM & NFS WORLD

كان مواطنا مثاليا يطيع القانون ولكنه انضم الى العصابات بسبب انه لم يستطيع حماية زوجته وطفله من الاعتداء الوحشى عليهم, يكره الشرطة للغاية وهذا سبب شراستى الكبيرة يتمنى لو يستطيع تمزيقهم لذلك قرر الانضمام للتجربة التى ستحولة الى ذئب لا … Continue reading

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At the outset, it might seem offputting that the Tea Party and new forms of governance using collaborative consensual decision making processes are emerging concurrently. The idea might even seem paradoxical until, on a second loop and third loop glance … Continue reading