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Swerving by Nora Bateson

DECEMBER 19, 2018 The work of the coming decades is not the work of manufacturing, of software development, or of retail seduction, it is the work of caring. Caring for each other and the biosphere. In that care there is … Continue reading

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‘Appreciative inquiry’ accelerates what’s working

by Lindsey Godwin Aug. 28, 2018 Editor’s note: The following is a contributed piece by Lindsey Godwin, academic director at the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College. I knew a … Continue reading

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The Problem with Simplicity by Miguel Clark Mallet (@Mar_de_Palabras), Columnist

I stand at the sink, hold the shaver against my lathered cheek, and move my hand downward. A trio of blades glide across my face leaving a path of smooth skin in their wake. I swish the razor in a … Continue reading

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The Power of Continuity by Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Does it make a difference if you care about what you do?  If you are really passionate and committed to what you give energy, or if it is just something that you do, because there is nothing better to do? … Continue reading

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Malcolm McIntosh: A Tribute 2017

 by Sandra Waddock, Boston College   ‘Have fun and laugh. I had a ball. Sorry to go early. Laugh a lot, it oxygenizes the brain just as well as yoga.’ Malcolm McIntosh Malcolm McIntosh’s words, quoted in an announcement of … Continue reading

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Purpose After Polman: How the Poster Child for Purpose Paved the Way for Future Leadership   Last month, when news broke that Unilever would begin the search for Paul Polman’s successor, it sent shockwaves through the business world. As the poster child for Purpose in business, what would this mean for the future of businesses that aim to grow … Continue reading

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e3 (eCubed) = Everyone Everywhere Everyday by Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Almost every form of wellbeing measured today finds success for some people in some places some of the time.  Income, happiness, health.  Some have it, some of the time, and most do not, most of the time. In all of our … Continue reading

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What this World Needs By Margaret Wheatley

  This world does not need more entrepreneurs. This world does not need more technology breakthroughs. This world needs leaders. We need leaders who put service over self, who can be steadfast through crises and failures, who want to stay … Continue reading

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Employee ownership and the next system–Interview with Professor Joseph R. Blasi

The Democracy Collaborative’s Research Director Thomas Hanna and Next System Project Deputy Director Dana Brown sat down with Dr. Joseph Blasi pre-eminent expert on employee ownership, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, and regular contributor to … Continue reading

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National group says employee ownership is a win-win

Posted Tuesday, June 6, 2017 5:30 pm   By Erin Mansfield, BURLINGTON — A speaker for a national group said Friday that Vermont businesses should consider selling to their employees as a way to help them build assets and reduce … Continue reading

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